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Hand Pies


Apple (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

Blueberry lemon (blueberries, lemon curd in a flaky crust)

Tart cherry (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

Lemon curd (lemon curd in a flaky crust)


Seasonal—ask for this months flavors

Strawberry (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

BlackBerry (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

Peach (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

Plum (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

Pear (simple fruit in a flaky crust)

Pumpkin cream  (pumpkin ,cream cheese, flaky crust)

This weeks special



Chicken Pot Hand Pie (chicken, peas, carrots, herbs, gravy, in a flaky crust)

Curry Puff (peas,potatoes,carrots,spices, herbs in a flaky crust)

Seasonal: Ask for this weeks flavor! We are always coming up with new ideas.


Whole Pies

Simple Apple (simple ingredients let the fruit shine, double crust top)

French Apple (simple apple pie with brown sugar pecan crust on top)

Brown Bag Apple (baked in a paper bag, salty flaky oil crust,butter streusel topping)

Candy Apple (double crust Apple pie with caramel pecan topping)

Casserole Apple (rectangular double crust pie in the shape of a casserole)

Tart Cherry (simple ingredients let the fruit shine)

Banana cream (custard layered with bananas, whipped cream on top)

Royal Coconut Cream (coconut custard with marshmallow meringue topping)

Chocolate Cream (old fashioned cocoa pudding, whipped cream)

Silky Chocolate (Smooth, silky, hint of brandy, whipped cream)

Chocolate Brownie (smooth thick custard with a crusty top, serve with whipped cream)

Chocolate Cheesecake (light and airy, topped with shaved chocolate)

Sugar Cream  (vanilla custard with a hint of cinnamon)

Cream Raisin (touch of spice, with or without nuts, meringue topping)

Cherry Banana Dream (cherries,pineapple, bananas , with or without pecans , covered in whipped cream)

Lemon Angel (gluten free) (baked meringue crust, eggy lemon curd, whipped cream and slivered almonds)

Pineapple Meringue (pineapple curd covered in fluffy meringue, no milk or cream!)

Agave Pecan  (eggy custard surrounding softened pecans, agave instead of corn syrup)



Berry Cream (a delicate cream filling with fresh strawberries and raspberries)

Fresh Blueberry (popping  fresh blueberries. we let the fruit speak for itself)

Simple Strawberry (simple ingredients let the fruit shine, double crust)

Shannas Strawberry Rhubarb ( like grandmas only better!)

Simple Rhubarb (sweet and tart, simple ingredients let the fruit shine, double crust)

American Flag Berry  (festive layers of raspberries, cream cheese, and blueberries)

Brown Bag Peach (baked in a paper bag, salty flaky oil crust, butter streusel topping)

Peach Custard (fresh peach halves covered in custard)

Cream Peach (creamy peach custard with a pecan topping)

Royal Pear (with hints of Ginger, Nutmeg and Pecans, Double Crust)

Pumpkin (smooth creamy pumpkin custard, top with whipped cream)

Sweet Potato Marshmallow (a hint of coconut, marshmallow meringue topping )

Cider (apple cider custard with a hint of nutmeg—no cream or milk!)




Chaja (vanilla cake with peach and dulce de leche center surrounded by whipped cream and crushed meringue. Can make

with pears and chocolate meringue. Gluten free available)

Naked Raspberry Ganache (naked on the sides, raspberry cream in the middle, chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries on top. Can make vanilla cake with peach and white chocolate option)

Black Forest Gateau (seasonal) (whole  fresh cherries, grated chocolate

German Chocolate

Chocolate Angel (light angel food caked amped up with chocolate)

Smooth Chocolate Torte (gluten free) (flourless chocolate cake)

Cake Nalesniki  (baked cream filled Polish “pancakes” in cake form)

Gingerbread Layer (seasonal) (hints of cinnamon ginger honey citrus peel, layered whipped cream)

Pineapple Upside Down (gluten free) (almond flour makes this moist)

Coconut Dream (3 layer) (Moist rich dense regal! sour cream coconut frosting)

(Other gluten free options available upon request)


Chewy Chip Cookies 

(can chose your chip: chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter)

Chewy Pistachio Cookies (chewy with coconut, pistachio pudding mix, walnuts)

Crunch Sandwich Cookies 3.00  (hints of cornflakes and oats, chocolate cream cheese center)

Cherry Eyed Cookies (Candied cherry staring right at you, chocolate center)

Kiss Me, Cherry (cherry flavored cookies with a chocolate kiss on top)

Chewy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (name speaks for itself)

Choco-Mint Cookies (soft chocolate cookie with mint buttercream frosting)

Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (mint buttercream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies)

Winter Chocolate Balls (snowy powdered sugar blanketing a chocolate center)

Raspberry Coco Balls (coconut covered raspberry cookie ball, just try them)


White Chocolate Eclair Squares (white chocolate pudding, drizzle of milk chocolate)

Raspberry Pie Squares (the name says it all)

Pecan Pie Squares (just like it sounds, but with a little chocolate surprise)

Lous Pumpkin Squares  (seasonal) (moist, sugar cookie/cake-like crust, deliciously spiced pumpkin custard , whipped cream)


This food is made in a home kitchen that may have nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts or wheat.

It has not been inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.

Cake Frosting



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