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We love good food...and baking!

We love to see the joy on your face as you bite into a crusty flaky hand pie or a chewy gooey cookie!

Quality ingredients are a must! We use local ingredients when possible because THEY JUST TASTE BETTER. Local fruits become crown jewels in our sweet hand pies.

We are creative and flexible. We might throw in boxed pudding mix or use whipped topping here, then use pudding from scratch or real whipping cream there. We use white flour, whole wheat flour, almond flour, masa...we break all the rules and enjoy it. If it tastes better, we do it.

We are an online order and delivery service, occasionally appearing at outdoor food events and farmers' markets.


For years, we have brought joy to our friends and family with our sweet and savory home-baked goods. Now we invite you to become our friends and family and bring joy to your home as well. At Your Pie Ness Bakery, everyone is royalty. Say, “Yes, Your Pie Ness!”Thank you for letting us share our love of baking with you.


Your Pie Ness Bakery Staff

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